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Start the month with Headspace from Prospect Magazine

Producer Matt writes…

Here’s a lovely addition to our line-up: Prospect Magazine asked Rethink Audio to produce their new podcast, Headspace, where three contributors to the latest issue discuss each others’ timely essays on the state of the nation.

Conceived by the editor, Tom Clark, the brief was to make a ‘Start The Week‘-style show where big ideas of philosophy, history and science could be explored alongside contemporary politics.

I know Tom from the Guardian, where. I would occasionally deputise for the producer of Politics Weekly, Tom’s last presenting gig. In one particularly memorable moment a few years back, I was grabbing lunch at my desk when Tom ran into the multimedia department to declare, “Margaret Thatcher’s died – we need to make a podcast”. I was the only audio producer there. We planned, recorded and published a special edition in under two hours.

Efficiency is the key to this programme, too: we make each show in under a day, just after the magazine has gone to print and whilst the contributors still have their writing fresh in their mind. It’s great publicity for the magazine too: an openly sharable product that doesn’t take away from their core paid-for content. Remind you of any other podcasts?

You can hear episodes one and two of Headspace here, or subscribe to get new episodes monthly.


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