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I never seem to write about the more infrequent gigs we do at Rethink Audio, some of which are uncredited. Here are some things you might have missed…

The West Wing Weekly

During a particularly busy period for Hrishikesh Hirway, I guest-edited an episode of the show that re-watches every episode of the Aaron Sorkin drama.

The Allusionist

A little light sound design for Helen Zaltzman’s show about words and language. Part of the Radiotopia network, who do amazing things thanks to its listener-funded shows.

Second Home

We’ve been training up event managers at this east London workspace and venue on how to improve the sound quality of their live event recordings. We also offer the Second Home team fast turnarounds of audio content so that their digital audience can experience their events soon after it’s finished.

The Poetry Exchange

This arts group approached us to advise them on building and formatting a new podcast series, based on their live events. Totally new to podcasting, the team are now producing weekly episodes, funded in part by the Arts Council. If you own at least one book of poetry, you should give The Poetry Exchange a go!

British Council

Rethink Audio is capturing audio for the British Council’s live event strand, ‘Wide Angles’ at Picturehouse Central for use on their Soundcloud and social media channels. Audio for this coming soon!

If you’d like to take the weight off your edit suite for a few days, please do get in touch


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