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You Don’t Have To Like Something To Make It Interesting

I am not a fan of Formula 1. Never been able to sit through a race. However, I do find all the controversy about it fascinating. I saw Senna. I read about Max Mosley. Heard about HRT.

Bernie Ecclestone. 

It really is ripe for comedy, in that Fantasy Football kind of way.

AND I knew Terry Saunders, one half of the presenters of Another F1 Podcast, a comedy show which had a cult following a couple of years ago for its very sweary and rebellious attitude to this ludicrous sport.

So we decided to build something new, with the help of motoring journalist Phill Tromans and presenter/producer extraordinaire Cheeka Eyers, recording in a different pub each time.


Terry, Phill and Cheeka, all demonstrating fabulous mic technique.

We’ve made three pilots (which you’ll never hear) and launched the first public episode this week. The plan is to release them in the fallow week between races, as the rest of the F1 PR machine dies down and the real satire can begin.

So take a listen, subscribe, and let me know what you think in the comments below…


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