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Radio Teams

It’s quite rare for speech radio producers to work together, outside the long-running BBC shows and the massive US shows like This American Life. But for the latest Guardian podcast series, there’s a team of 5-6 producers making a blockbuster, 12-part series.

Outgoing editor Alan Rusbridger (far right), talks to the Guardian’s campaign team.

It’s called The Biggest Story In The World, and I’ve been working on it the past five weeks, supporting episode producers, recording interviews… it’s been a fantastic experience. They’re on episode five currently and they’re well worth listening from the start.

Narrated by Aleks Krotowski and exec-ed by Francesca Panetta (who I worked with on Hackney Hear), the programme follows Guardian journalists as they petition the Gates Foundation and Welcome Trust to divest from fossil fuels; a symbol of what we all need to do in the future if we’re to stop burning all the carbon that’s available to us.

So it’s a bit of an access doc; a behind-the-scenes of working on a newspaper campaign. I’ve loved working on it, and hearing Fran and the team craft it into something special. Take a listen!


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