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The Media Podcast – launching 6th June

Ok, former Media Talk listeners… here’s the plan. We’re doing a new podcast and it’s called, imaginatively, The Media Podcast.

I say new, but you’ll barely notice the difference: John is presenting, all the usual suspects will offer their analysis… so aside from the name, it’s business as usual.



I have a new podcast feed for you to subscribe to:

Open it in your podcast app or subscribe through iTunes or Stitcher. Or Soundcloud. We’re catering for them all. On Friday, you’ll have a new episode delivered automatically. Simple.




To make this a sustainable venture, we need to cover our overheads. And that means we need to find some money.



We’re going to do this for six weeks, and during that time we’re going to run a crowdfunding campaign where listeners and businesses can donate. If you’re new to crowdfunding, that’s not a problem, we’re going to go through it all once we’re up and running. We also have a target. If we reach it, the programme continues for six months. If we miss it, everyone’s money is returned, the podcast closes and no-one speaks of this experiment ever again.



Subscribe. Then listen to the first episode on Friday, 6th June.


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  1. I use the tune in radio ap to listen to live streams and podcasts but name The Media Podcast isn’t coming up as an option to listen to or choose as a favorite (the old Guardian one did). Can you look into this? I don’t understand the backside or technology but would love to use the ap to listen to your very interesting and witty discussions of the media.

    • Hi Margaret – thanks for spotting this. I’ve submitted the feed to TuneIn and hopefully they can sort that out for us. Will let you know when it’s up and running!

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