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Screenwriters share their tips

At this time every year BAFTA present five lectures by leading screenwriters – so this month’s podcast looks back at the best advice that was gleaned from the professionals…

And it’s quite a guest list. Joining host Dave Green are Jack Thorne, BAFTA-winning writer of The Fades, Skins and This Is England ’86 & ’88; Jeremy Brock, writer of The Last King of Scotland (and programmer of the Lecture Series); and Claire Wilson, who’s currently working in the BBC Writers’ Room on series 2 of Hunted, with The X-Files’ Frank Spotnitz.

We’re now three episodes into this experiment at BAFTA and every programme feels more full of life than the last. We’re using less clips and more interactions between guests, with more questions coming from twitter and emails. This is how podcasts get big; build an audience and allow them into the conversation. Make the audience the programme.

The original brief was to continue the debate after the live events and create a shop window for the audio archive. The more diverse the voices the better that debate will be.


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