Spark listeners support Refuaid

This is something I wrote for Spark’s website following the launch of this episode (I produce one of their live nights and the long-running podcast). After reading this post, please give generously to… Continue reading

How to build a magazine show

They’re a lot of work, but producing a magazine format never gets dull. Here’s how we made The Modern Mann podcast.

Private Eye podcast – series two

I’ve been working with presenter Andrew Hunter Murray (QI, No Such Thing As a Fish) and Private Eye editor Ian Hislop to beef up their podcast, Page 94. Inspired by the look of… Continue reading

Truth Be Told: a Love Letter to Storytelling

I first heard The Moth in 2008; two days before I lost my job at a national broadcaster and begun my career as a freelance podcast producer. Those two events are not unconnected.… Continue reading

You Don’t Have To Like Something To Make It Interesting

I am not a fan of Formula 1. Never been able to sit through a race. However, I do find all the controversy about it fascinating. I saw Senna. I read about Max… Continue reading

Lampedusa: the Guardian’s first audio drama

This was a pleasant surprise. The Guardian approached me a couple of weeks ago to work on this drama – their first – adapted from the stage version about to return to the Soho… Continue reading

Radio Teams

It’s quite rare for speech radio producers to work together, outside the long-running BBC shows and the massive US shows like This American Life. But for the latest Guardian podcast series, there’s a team… Continue reading

On making ‘Erasing Enoch’ for Radio 4

[UPDATE: It’s still available to hear for another week on iPlayer:] Myself and long-time collaborator Peter Price have been making a documentary about the Conservative Party with the Guardian journalist Hugh Muir. Entitled… Continue reading

Rise of the Masterclass

Masterclasses. They’re everywhere. Here’s something on that.

Some things of note

Busy times recently, but here’s a selection of things I’ve been up to in the past fortnight.