Lampedusa: the Guardian’s first audio drama

This was a pleasant surprise. The Guardian approached me a couple of weeks ago to work on this drama – their first – adapted from the stage version about to return to the Soho… Continue reading

Radio Teams

It’s quite rare for speech radio producers to work together, outside the long-running BBC shows and the massive US shows like This American Life. But for the latest Guardian podcast series, there’s a team… Continue reading

On making ‘Erasing Enoch’ for Radio 4

[UPDATE: It’s still available to hear for another week on iPlayer:] Myself and long-time collaborator Peter Price have been making a documentary about the Conservative Party with the Guardian journalist Hugh Muir. Entitled… Continue reading

Rise of the Masterclass

Masterclasses. They’re everywhere. Here’s something on that.

Some things of note

Busy times recently, but here’s a selection of things I’ve been up to in the past fortnight.

On Guardianing Leave

The Media Podcast continues – independently – but I still occasionally work for the Guardian, despite currently being on a month-long break (I’m on one of those rolling ten-month contracts media companies like to do… Continue reading

Our Kickstarter is LIVE

UPDATE: WE DID IT! FInd out how, here.   Last week we launched our Kickstarter campaign to secure the future of The Media Podcast – if we can raise £9000 in 28 days, I can… Continue reading

The Week in Audio

What with the all-new Media Podcast, changes at MediaGuardian and specials for Talking TV and BAFTA’s The Guru, I thought I’d give a sense of what’s been going on… The Media Podcast First… Continue reading

The Media Podcast – launching 6th June

Ok, former Media Talk listeners… here’s the plan. We’re doing a new podcast and it’s called, imaginatively, The Media Podcast. I say new, but you’ll barely notice the difference: John is presenting, all… Continue reading

Guardian Media Talk – end of an era

Changes at the Guardian, and the Media Talk podcast has got to go. Back in 2006, Media Talk was the first podcast I listened to as a podcast ­- instead of manually ‘save­… Continue reading