What size podcast?

I like podcasts that are short. There, I said it. I may be in a minority; in a recent Guardian meeting I had with iTunes staff,  I learnt that the most popular podcasts… Continue reading

On working with children and monsters

The BBC Academy asked me to write an article about my production work,  so I decided to focus on making radio for children – take a look here for the full text…

BAFTA Podcast relaunch

Those fine folks at BAFTA have let me give their podcast an overhaul, and now it’s a fast-paced, witty and altogether interesting listen on how the film, TV and video game industries work.… Continue reading

#RPAs2013 – Some Thank Yous

This week I was named Best Online Producer at the Radio Academy’s Radio Production Awards - they’re sort of like the BAFTA Craft Awards – which was lovely. Here’s the entry: And now some thank… Continue reading

INVENTED: Spark London Searchatron 3000

Today I learned how to create a search box for a podcast feed, which means all those lovely tags I’ve spent years writing for Spark London stories have not been in vain. It’s… Continue reading

Broadcast: Talking TV podcast

A new podcast is born – Broadcast magazine is the trade press for the television industry, covering the trials and tribulations of broadcasters and indies in the UK. I was approached last month… Continue reading

rethinkdaily’s half-yearly gender audit

Last week the networking and development group Sound Women released a report on the gender bias in radio. It found that just 20% of presenters were female. You can probably guess the other… Continue reading

Visualising Radio

Last week saw the launch of another in the ‘Made Simple’ series for the Guardian – an animated guide to Rewilding, where I interviewed George Monbiot then Scriberia used animation trickery to make… Continue reading

Diamonds, the G8 and Woolwich

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to in the past seven days (which accounts for why it’s taken so long to post an update): 1. Consultation,  Rachel Lichtenstein I’ve been consulting for author,… Continue reading

Soho Stories gets an update, courtesy of Steve Coogan

You’ll see a few billboards with Steve Coogan’s face on in the coming weeks, as The Look of Love is released in the UK – and I’ve been playing a part in promoting… Continue reading